One Financial Plaza at 1350 Main Street


One Financial Plaza has a unique array of tenants. If you are hungry, go grab a bite to eat at the coffee shop and stop at the bank across the lobby to deposit a check. Maybe you want to go look at some art in the gallery on the ninth floor and if you need a pick me up, you can walk across the hall to the full service gym and take a spin class. Maybe you need some website design or marketing for your company. How about an attorney, insurance agent or accountant? Maybe you want something to do this weekend and would like to stop by the Springfield Symphony Orchestra and see what events they have planned. With so much to do and see and so many exciting companies in the building, why would you need to go anywhere else?

The idea behind the community in One Financial is that Springfield must become a place where people want to live, work and play. It is the belief of the owners that the key to creating such an environment is the presence of artists and innovators, who will come to the city if the right balance of economic incentives is offered.


For the past few years, 1350 Main Street has showcased the final project of art professor John Simpson’s Commonwealth Honors College students in the lobby of One Financial Plaza. There are also many events that are showcased in One Financial Plaza from organizations from in and around Springfield such as the Center for Human Development and Blues to Green. Each year the Springfield Jazz and Roots Festival  takes place in August on Court Square.



Press Conference Jazz and Roots Festival

Press conference for the Springfield Jazz and Roots Festival From Left: Eric Bascom, Kristin Neville, Peter Newland, Charles Neville, Evan Plotkin, Mayor Dominic Sarno, Rick Paar, Joe Kane, Nick Fyntrilakis and Nicola Smith-Oliver